TrakView online account access

Our secure online site for access and status

TrakView is accessed at the upper right of our website. Clients login with username and password. The site presents your cases, allowing you to review status at any time. Enable your TrakView account for web viewing and secured access to record images is as close as your computer. Documents are indexed by case and remain available on TrakView for client access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Images are in PDF format and may be viewed, downloaded and printed – its your choice, on your schedule

TrakView allows you to:

  • Search for and select cases by plaintiff name
  • Display pertinent case information
  • Display a scrollable list of current record requests and records received for a particular case
  • Retrieve information pertaining to a selected record
  • View status of records including date of issue, location information, date record was received and the page count
  • Order a copy of a specific record
  • View a searchable PDF record
  • View Status to Counsel correspondence
  • Place an order for RecordTrak to obtain a new record(s) on an existing case or a new case
  • Search through our extensive provider authorization database to locate required provider-specific authorizations
  • View all records received within the last 30 days, after which they can be accessed through the specific case option

Documents available through TrakView have been scanned to enable for Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The OCR technology allows users to search a document for specific terms. All RecordTrak on-line access utilizes 128 bit encryption for secure communication.

provides clients
access to documents,
24 hours a day,
7 days a week.