document scanning services

We are pros at scanning.

Scanning projects come in all shapes and sizes. The one constant is our approach to the task. We provide our clients with the output they request when they want it, the way they want it. We approach every job with this in mind. Scanned documents can be provided on disk - CD-ROM, or DVD. Alternatively they can be uploaded to an FTP site for direct download.

Our scanning technology automatically performs the document cleanup, despeckle/deskew, and can be enabled to perform optical character recognition (OCR). Once a document is OCR-enabled it can be searched for keywords, making your document review more efficient. Depending on your needs, pages can be paginated using a variety of numbering schemes. Approximately 20,000 pages of information can put on a single CD. Electronic images can be utilized as the primary media source or as backup storage.

Output can be coded for integration to a case management system or linked to a database for ease of:

  • Searching
  • Sorting
  • Viewing
  • Virtual Workgroup Capabilities

Many popular litigation software packages utilize this database approach.

There are a growing variety of alternatives in electronic capture, storage and retrieval of information. RecordTrak offers standard and customized options to meet your needs.

Providing standard
and customized
scanning options
to meet your needs.