record retrieval services
Record Retrieval

As a valued client of RecordTrak you will have a dedicated client representative responsible for your record procurement needs. Your questions and inquiries will not be handled by a call center.

RecordTrak procures all types of records, including: medical, pharmacy, employment, military, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, disability, and financial. We provide nationwide service.

Before issuing each record request, we confirm that the request is being sent to the correct address. If a doctor or facility has relocated, we investigate to confirm the new correspondence address. We are experienced and knowledgeable regarding HIPAA-compliance, as well as facility-specific requirements. Ensuring compliance up-front is critical to prompt procurement.

We will correspond with you during the process if necessary, for example to approve a sizable custodian fee. For 24/7 status of your request, TrakView - our online application – is available. TrakView can also be used to order records. When enabled, your TrakView account provides secured, online access to record images. Simply log on to TrakView via the home page.

All received records are checked for completeness and accuracy. Records received by mail are scanned into our system. Records received electronically are uploaded. As more facilities have moved to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems, RecordTrak has developed more advanced intake technologies to efficiently handle the receipt and quality control of these records.

Depending of client preference, records can be delivered on paper, CD, DVD, via FTP, or through our online applications – TrakView and TrakLink. Delivery can include load files to allow transfer to your case management platform.

Experienced and
diligent partner in record procurement.