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RecordTrak specializes in complete litigation support for personal injury/product liability cases. RecordTrak is a national, industry leader and has been in business for over 30 years! RecordTrak stands out in the litigation support industry because of our commitment to customer service.

RecordTrak has its roots in mass tort litigation, such as asbestos, handling cases involving multiple defendants. It was in these arenas that the value of our service became evident and widely known. RecordTrak was the first to bring cost sharing to the industry, allocating the costs associated with document procurement among multiple parties, creating considerable cost savings for our clients.

Over time RecordTrak has grown to become the cost containment leader in mass tort litigation and insurance record procurement. We are proud of our performance and of our ability to satisfy our clients. RecordTrak has been the court-mandated and MDL-appointed record company in more instances than all others combined.

RecordTrak offers data mining, as well as medical record summarization and analysis. These services, integrated with our record retrieval process, support our clients’ needs for vital medical record information. Our combination of services provides an integrated solution for our clients.

RecordTrak is focused on obtaining the records and providing the information you need. Our process is built to provide efficient, accurate service. Information on each case, each record request, is maintained in our system for responsive tracking and processing. Status information is utilized by our clients, in real time, via Internet access to their accounts at In addition to checking status, our TrakView system allows you to view records, order records or contact your client representative.

RecordTrak is a team of trained, experienced individuals. Our qualified staff provides service that allows you to focus your firm resources more effectively. Utilizing the talents of RecordTrak enables you to reduce and control operating costs.

There are many advantages to using RecordTrak for your litigation support needs. Let us contribute to your success.

Specializing in complete litigation support .