record retrieval process

RecordTrak understands that results are what matter. We have designed our system to meet that goal. We utilize skilled personnel every step of the way.

Client Services

No matter how the request is received - mail, fax or on-line – it starts with your Client Representative. This is your key contact; they keep you informed from beginning to end. Each account is handled by a dedicated Client Representative ensuring that RecordTrak responds to your needs.


This team performs the location confirmation process utilizing our expansive database of record custodians. Each location catalog includes contact information and any special handling requirements. Once the location is confirmed, request documents are generated. Knowledge of HIPAA is critical. This team ensures HIPAA compliance of document requests.


Receipt confirmation and follow up is performed. Our call center operates on an extended schedule for nationwide coverage. We utilize technology to route incoming calls and to generate follow-ups at the optimal times. A separate 800 number is provided for Spanish-speaking record custodians.


To eliminate coding errors, documents are logged in using bar code technology. This technology is employed on both paper documents as well as those received electronically. Our receiving team examines the documents to ensure compliance with the request as to name, date of birth, social security number, and requested information.

Data Mining

Records requiring data mining are flagged within our system. They are placed in a queue and reviewed to uncover new record sources.

Medical Record Chronologies and Summaries

When asked to perform medical record analysis, we route the record images to our qualified medical review specialists. Chronologies are built as the records are received; supporting an efficient workflow. Information reported may be customized based on client requirements.

Document Production

Received documents are subjected to our quality control procedures to ensure the highest-quality output. Documents are then scanned using image-enhancing software. Documents in electronic format undergo separate quality checks before their release. Electronic pagination of the documents is performed as requested. Paper copy records are then bound and shipped.

Quality Process.
Quality People.
Quality Results.