Medical Records Review
Medical Record Review

Our approach allows you to focus on significant medical events.

RecordTrak provides medical record review and analysis, tailoring our services to meet your needs. Medical record chronologies and summaries are prepared by qualified and experienced nurse reviewers. A tiered-service approach is offered to provide a cost-efficient solution. RecordTrak offers these services for individual personal injury cases as well as mass tort litigations.

These services, when combined with our record retrieval process, provide an integrated solution for our clients.

RecordTrak’s tiered offerings include:

  • Basic record fact summary
  • Medical chronology
  • Medical chronology and summary

We utilize reporting formats that allow our clients to focus on the significant medical events. The supporting documentation is fully referenced for ease of use. The online version of our chronology has embedded links to the supporting materials.

Our value-added analysis can:

  • Screen for merit
  • Identify causation
  • Assess injuries
  • Note contributing factors
  • Data mine for additional medical providers

All reviews can be customized to meet client protocol.

In order to perform a quality review and analysis of the medical records,
our nurse consultants follow the following process:

  • If available, the nurse consultant will perform a complete review of the Complaint and other discovery documents (i.e. Answers to Interrogatories).
  • List all sources available for review.
  • Prepare a chronology of all pertinent records, including progress notes, diagnostic studies, nurses’ notes, consults and physicians’ orders.
  • Provide a summary of the chronology in layman’s terms noting any inconsistencies and role of any pre-existing conditions.
  • Identify records needed to complete a thorough review of patient’s condition and provide other pertinent recommendations as needed.

Medical record review services are tailored to meet your needs