Electronic service of documents

E-Service of documents to multiple parties reduces time and costs.

E-Service is the electronic service of documents. Parties receive an email with a hyperlink to the document that is being served. All served documents are maintained in an online repository, grouped by case. Multi-party access is controlled by username and password. Access is available 24/7 anywhere you have an internet connection.

Service to multiple parties is accomplished with a few simple steps. The cost to serve an electronic document is a flat rate no matter how many parties are being served. Only the party serving the document pays the flat rate. The recipients do not pay anything to receive and access the record online.

This application requires no special hardware or software. It is the perfect solution for matters involving correspondence between multiple parties. The online repository becomes the file cabinet for the documents. Distributing documents this way can result in significant time and cost savings. Think about what you are spending for postage, paper, envelopes, and printing to serve the documents by regular mail. Even faxing is time consuming compared to E-Service.

Serving documents to all parties in a few simple steps reduces time and cost.