RecordTrak litigation support solutions

Our litigation support solutions offer advantages to Legal, Insurance and Corporate communities.

Dedicated Account Management

Individual experienced client representatives are assigned to each client. They act as the primary point of contact, providing dedicated account management to counsel. A committed litigation team is also created to assist the client representative with processing orders, answering questions and providing status updates. This approach ensures an informed response, with timely status and follow-up. Clients are served best by this approach.

Internet Record Ordering/Status

Internet account access is available 24/7 to order records or to check the status of a request. RecordTrak makes it easy with TrakView by displaying record information sorted at the case level.


TrakView accounts provide web viewing and allow secure access to record images as close as your computer. View, print or download – it’s your choice. TrakView retains the records so they are available on your schedule.


For clients who prefer to be alerted as each record is received, we offer TrakLink. This service sends an email notification containing a hyperlink to the password-protected record. Simply click on the link (which is available for a full 30 days) and print or download the record.

Integrated Services

For litigation support engagements, multiple services can be integrated to provide a one-stop solution to meet your particular needs. Record retrieval, Subpoena Preparation, Data-mining, Nurse Review and Cross-case Searches can be utilized in any combination to best meet your needs.

Subpoena Preparation and Notice to Counsel

RecordTrak has built an extensive electronic library of forms and rules of procedure for numerous federal, state, and county courts. If a subpoena is required, RecordTrak will research, prepare and serve the requested subpoena..

Medical Record Review

Medical record summaries and chronologies are prepared by qualified professionals. A tiered service approach is offered to tailor a cost-efficient solution. RecordTrak offers these services for individual personal injury cases as well as mass-tort litigation.

Data Mining

Our data mining services are a cost effective approach to uncovering additional record sources. Our review for additional locations offers prompt front-end review of received records and utilizes the OCR-enabled documents to leverage search efficiencies.

Cross-Case Search

For litigations with thousands of records, searching for common threads can be a daunting task. Responding to client needs, we developed a process for searching across vast numbers of documents and databases related to an individual case and/or litigation. The results are provided in a sortable spreadsheet – providing the search results down to the page. The search parameters can include multiple words as well as word-strings.


RecordTrak’s e-service application provides electronic delivery of documents to multiple parties with one transaction. This cost-effective system replaces the cost and inefficiencies of noticing by mail while maintaining the assurances of your communication. Everyone wins. E-service enables the user to serve multiple parties, allows online access to all parties served and confirms transmission of documents via email. Billing only to the party initiating the service.

Cost Containment

RecordTrak offers a unique billing system for shared and split billing arrangements. This system has proven to be cost effective in mass tort and multi-defendant litigation.

Special Services

Additional services available include: scanning records, web-based document hosting, CD-ROM, video and DVD reproduction and conversion, x-ray, microfiche and microfilm duplication, signed certifications, specialized indexing and page numbering.

Each account is handled by a dedicated Client Representative.