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RecordTrak is an industry leader, standing out because of our commitment to customer service. Understanding that personal interaction is key.

Nationwide Litigation Support Services since 1981

Law Firms, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

We provide the high quality and cost effective litigation support for all types and sizes of cases. We handle cases ranging from single plaintiff to large Multi-District Litigations involving thousands of plaintiffs.

RecordTrak’s experienced personnel are adept at navigating the record retrieval process. From jurisdictional requirements and fee laws to HIPAA and HITECH – we have the knowledge to insure the job is done right. This is why we are the preferred record procurement vendor for so many insurance companies and corporate legal departments.

The time sensitive demands of high-volume litigation require record retrieval vendors to provide the highest standard of customer service. This goes beyond responsiveness to client inquiries, it requires a proactive approach to provide the client with the necessary information in real-time. RecordTrak has always understood this. We were the first to introduce a secure 24/7 portal for ordering, status and delivery. Since then we’ve introduced many technological advances such as an enhanced tracking and a real time status system to provide even faster client communication. In addition, TrakView access allows for an eco-friendly solution for our clients who desire to go paperless when submitting orders and receiving records.

Another RecordTrak innovation was bringing cost sharing to the industry.  Allocating the costs associated with document procurement among multiple parties creates considerable savings for our clients in multi-defendant litigations.  RecordTrak has grown to become the cost containment leader in record procurement.

Our combination of dedication, technology and experience enables our clients to rely on RecordTrak. We are proud of the quality work we do. We know it’s why we have so many long standing clients. Reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more about how we can you.

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