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Law Firms, Insurance Companies, and Corporations have been relying on us for over 35 years. We support your firm with record retrieval, medical record analysis and e-service. RecordTrak stands out in the litigation support industry because of our commitment to customer service.

Who We Serve


Law firms

RecordTrak saves law firms significant time and expense by securing records via authorization or subpoena nationwide in accordance with jurisdictional rules.

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Pharma & Medical Devices

RecordTrak provides complete litigation support for our pharma and medical device clients in both MDLs and state litigation.

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Using our experience and technology, RecordTrak has grown to become the cost containment leader in insurance record procurement.

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Meet TrakView

Our online application, TrakView, allows users to request records and track the status of pending requests at the individual case level. Through TrakView documents can be viewed, printed and downloaded.

The FastTrak dashboard greets users when they login. It provides a quick status on how many new records have been received, record requests requiring client response, and open orders. A search tool helps users find provider-specific authorizations.

Access a detailed case display for information on all completed and pending requests. All the information you need to stay on top of record retrieval for your case. Organized, easy and all in one place.

Faces of RecordTrak
Meet Chris

Chris ensures that the job gets done right the first time. He is focused and always puts the client in the forefront. Having Chris at RecordTrak is a win-win, for clients and for us.

Year started at RecordTrak
Areas of Expertise
Product ID, Subpoena Compliance
Meet Kim

Clients know they’re in good hands with Kim as their Client Rep. She knows that understanding what the client needs is key to providing great service. We’re proud of Kim’s ability to keep the bar high for the clients.

Year started at RecordTrak
Areas of Expertise
Mass Tort, Subpoena Compliance
Meet Sue

Sue has experience in a number of departments at RecordTrak. She has extensive knowledge and brings that to her role as a client representative. Her clients are very comfortable, knowing Sue is managing their record requests. We are too.

Year started at RecordTrak
Areas of Expertise
Pharma/Med Device, Subpoena Compliance, Multi-District Litigation
Meet Christine

Christine handles some of our most complex matters including several Multi-District Litigations. Clients rely on her expertise and responsiveness. We are proud of her performance.

Year started at RecordTrak
Areas of Expertise
Product ID, Pharma/Med Device, Multi-District Litigation
Meet Christine

Christine is organized and diligent. She is adept at keeping the process running smoothly. For Christine this is a given; part of her every day. That is what makes her performance so stellar.

Year started at RecordTrak
Areas of Expertise
Insurance, Subpoena Compliance, Workers Comp
Meet Cindy

We really depend on Cindy and so do the clients. She works diligently to ensure we are meeting all the clients’ needs. Cindy is on top of every detail. We’re very happy she is on our team.

Year started at RecordTrak
Areas of Expertise
Insurance, Subpoena Compliance, Workers Comp, Pharma/Med Device
Meet Dan

Dan handles a variety of clients. Quoting one of them, “Dan goes the extra mile.” That gives you a feel for Dan’s commitment. We know about it – that’s how he approaches all his clients.

Year started at RecordTrak
Areas of Expertise
Insurance, Subpoena Compliance, Workers Comp, Pharma/Med Device
The RecordTrak

RecordTrak is the leader in litigation support. Our expertise in the industry allows us to provide unparalleled benefits to the Legal, Insurance and Corporate communities. Choosing RecordTrak as your litigation support partner provides superior results along with exceptional time and cost advantages.

As the national leader in record retrieval, RecordTrak stands out because of its superior service. RecordTrak’s strong focus on record procurement in all jurisdictions allows our clients to focus on litigation management.

Recordtrak’s Dedication to Service

Cost savings is produced by the combination of competitive pricing and the knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Cost Savings

RecordTrak efficiently handles your record retrieval needs, freeing time to spend on litigation matters. Our quality personnel, supported by technology, enable RecordTrak to reduce turn-around time and provide an accurate and efficient deliverable.

Time Savings

RecordTrak has built an extensive electronic library of forms and rules of procedure for federal, state, and county courts. RecordTrak’s expertise allows us to issue subpoenas in all jurisdictions.

Nationwide Coverage

RecordTrak dedicates an experienced account representative for each of our clients. These representatives will act as the primary point of contact, providing tailored and responsive service.

Dedicated Account Representative

As an industry leader, RecordTrak has developed extensive security policies and procedures designed to ensure the protection of personally identifiable information. Read More

Leader in Data Security

At your request, RecordTrak can handle any necessary correspondence with counsel. RecordTrak routinely obtains HIPAA authorizations, waivers of subpoena notices and provides required documentation to counsel on our clients’ behalf.

Correspondence With Counsel

RecordTrak’s secure online portal allows our clients to efficiently place orders and add additional orders to existing matters. RecordTrak maintains a database of over 300,000 providers, allowing our clients to locate relevant providers easily.

Efficient Online Ordering

RecordTrak provides our clients with 24/7 real-time status of their requests. In addition, a TrakLink email can alert you the moment a request is complete.

Live Status at Your fingertips

RecordTrak customizes billing based on our client’s needs. We offer a variety of electronic billing services and integrations, direct billing to third-parties and cost-sharing billing among multiple counsel.

Customized and Flexible Billing

RecordTrak’s personnel are knowledgeable of state record fee laws, allowing RecordTrak to retrieve records at the most economical rate.

Knowledgeable Professionals

Record retrieval is just the beginning. Once records are received, RecordTrak can provide our clients with customized nurse chronologies and summaries, data mining for additional providers, assistance with regulatory filings and much more.

Integrated Litigation Solutions
What People Are Saying

After trying other companies, RecordTrak is the best. I am very pleased.

Melody Paralegal

You guys are amazing. I cannot believe how efficient you are, because I desperately needed numerous records ASAP and you are on top of it. Thank you!

Leah Paralegal

The RecordTrak representatives are always very helpful. We also appreciate how quickly RecordTrak obtains records.

Sarah Paralegal

RecordTrak’s website is very user friendly and the turnaround time for records is very fast. Great job.

Courtney Paralegal

I have used RecordTrak for years with great success. When I changed firms, I continued to use their services.  They are accurate and responsive. Our clients appreciate their pricing structure. In a field of many competitors, I gladly recommend RecordTrak to colleagues and my clients.

Jeffrey Attorney

My RecordTrak representative always goes above and beyond and is very responsive.

Kelly Paralegal

You guys are so great to work with. The website is user-friendly and real people are part of customer service, like it should be.

Cheryl Legal Assistant

I have used RecordTrak for record procurement for years. They’ve always been reliable and responsive to our needs. Their on-line services, including ordering and obtaining copies of records, and  e-service of discovery and other matters, are user-friendly and cost effective.

Paul Attorney

I have relied on RecordTrak for my clients’ record procurement needs for over 25 years. Their staff is responsive, thorough, professional and friendly. Most importantly, they get the job done.

Eric Attorney

I think RecordTrak’s website is excellent….user friendly and very helpful.

Matthew Paralegal

RecordTrak is awesome!

Sue Paralegal

Hands-down, RecordTrak has provided the best service of any company I’ve worked with over the past 13 years. You were one of the first to have a designated person assigned and that always helped the communication flow more efficiently. Plus, your website is simple and user-friendly. Most of all, I know I don’t have to babysit any request I submit. It’s not cost effective to use a service if I constantly have to checkup on them.

Lori Nurse Paralegal

Really don’t know how I would be able to do my job without you!

Prudence Paralegal

I am very pleased with the attention I receive from RecordTrak.

Matt Paralegal

The highest of praises, we get exactly what we need when we need it, and great customer service.

Jeff Paralegal

Your efforts are genuinely appreciated. Because of your diligent following up, I am much more comfortable when I know RecordTrak is involved with my requests. Thanks for all your hard work.

Mitchell Attorney

RecordTrak is very speedy, the personnel are super helpful and eager to help! I’m glad my firm chose RecordTrak. The experience has been great.

Kelli Paralegal

The service I’ve received has been of the highest quality.  My requests have been received with courtesy and great follow through with the needed end result. Timely, complete and accurate.

Linda Administrative Assistant

Our requests are fulfilled both thoroughly and exactly. Our Client Rep even takes the initiative to correct any mistakes we make and contact us if our requests are unclear. Your team saves us valuable time.

Christine Paralegal

I am very happy with RecordTrak and give you and the company an A+ in all respects!

Virginia Paralegal

I couldn’t be more please with a vendor. Personalized service and a single contact for all cases.

Gia Paralegal

RecordTrak handles all of our record requests. From medical records to state and federal tax returns to military records, they handle it all, freeing our support staff to concentrate on other assignments. RecordTrak is always there to answer our questions. They are a key component of our practice and ability to respond to our clients’ needs.

Darlene Attorney

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Law firms

Law firms benefit from using RecordTrak. By using our service, your you’ll remove significant time for your firm personnel. You’ll also eliminate a task that can create significant fluctuation in staff time commitment, office space and technology needs. You’ll be able to utilize RecordTrak if you need us and when you need us. You’ll benefit from our TrakView website, which allows you to securely access records from wherever you are.

Pharma & Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device corporations have unique requirements. From reporting to invoicing to security – RecordTrak has the knowhow you’re looking for. We have vast experience in this arena, including a long history of being named the designated medical record retrieval vendor in MDLs across the county.


Record retrieval for insurance companies has some unique and specialized processes. RecordTrak’s online and invoicing systems accommodate these needs. Whether associated with multi-party record access, third party or e-billing, we’ve been there, done that. We work with you to customize the on-boarding protocols for your counsel so you’re in control.